Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do you manage?

Disciplined Equity Management (DEM) manages approximately $120 million in assets for professional athletes, business owners, corporate executives, retirees, and other high net worth individuals.

Do you work only with clients in Jacksonville?

No. We work with clients all over the country as well as internationally.

Are references available?

Yes, we are happy to provide interested investors with a list of references as well as our SEC required advisor disclosure agreement (ADV II).

What are your fees?

Privately managed portfolios can cost as much as 3% of assets per year. We have developed a simple, affordable asset-based fee structure that covers financial planning, asset allocation, portfolio management, and reporting:

Our fee schedule is as follows:


Our minimum fee is $3,750 per quarter, making our services most appropriate for larger accounts.

Who is the custodian of my assets?

Most of our clients choose TDAmeritrade Institutional as their custodian.

Can I own Dimensional Fund Advisor portfolios directly?

No. Only investors working with a select group of approved investment advisors can own DFA's institutional portfolios.

How do I get started?

New clients are accepted by referral only. Our website is an exceptional summary of our investment philosophy and approach. If, after visiting this site, you wish to learn more our Engineered Portfolios, feel free to Contact Us.

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