DFA Mutual Fund Portfolios

Complete Exposure

Dimensional Fund Advisors offers institutional mutual fund portfolios in every asset class and investment style from US Micro Cap to Emerging Markets Value. A complete list of their fund lineup appears here:


DFA's Exclusivity Offers a Clear Advantage

DFA's mutual funds are only available to investors working through approved DFA Advisors. Because clients of DFA advisors tend to be more educated, disciplined, and sophisticated investors, DFA's funds typically see regular positive monthly net inflows regardless of market conditions. Unlike retail mutual fund companies, DFA has the luxury of putting fresh money to work into the most attractive securities virtually each and every market day.

The chart below shows that beginning with the financial crisis in 2008, investors in aggregate have been selling equity mutual funds in droves, forcing their fund managers to sell stocks to meet redemptions. By contrast, DFA's equity mutual funds have experienced positive net inflows throughout the entire time period.

Value of $1 invested in the S&P 500 Index

*For illustrative purposes only. Industry net new cash flow data provided by Investment Company Institute ©. Dimensional estimated net flow data provided by Morningstar.

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