Dimensional Fund Advisors

Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) is one of the largest independently owned institutional investment management firms in the world. Founded by a team of Nobel-Prize winning economists, the firm now manages over $250 billion worth of institutional assets from around the globe. DFA applies the very best of academic research to the practical world of investing. Their broad array of investment strategies offers calibrated exposures to the full spectrum of key asset classes including US Large Cap stocks, US Small Cap stocks, International stocks, Emerging Market stocks, and Fixed Income.

DFA's quantitative portfolios have always been intended for institutional investors, not individual investors. However, DFA recently started granting access to their research and portfolios to the clients of an elite group of independent investment advisors. Disciplined Equity Management is proud to be counted amongst one of the few advisors granted such access.

Our relationship with DFA ensures that we are always privy to the latest research performed by their global network. In return, we provide them feedback from our real world investors. This continuous loop of free flow information bridges the gap between academic theory and practical investing.

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